Porcelain crown and inlay

What is a dental crown?

Either accidentally or due to cavities, the tooth can sustain different damages, ranging from simple cracks to extending over a larger area. Regardless of the cause of the deterioration of the tooth, it is important to repair or replace it, depending on the damage suffered.

Three types of restorations are traditionally used to restore a tooth:

  • amalgam restoration also called “grey filling”;
  • composite resin restoration also called “white filling”;
  • porcelain crown to replace a large portion of a damaged tooth or a faulty filling (filling) in cases where a new filling is not the ideal solution.

Traditionally, the making of an artificial crown requires two appointments with the dentist to complete all the stages of the treatment plan, i.e. preparation of the tooth to be repaired, taking impressions, installing a restoration ( temporary prosthesis) on the tooth to be repaired, the work in the laboratory to make the final restoration, the installation of the final restoration in the mouth and its adjustment.

For several years, dentists have had a state-of-the-art tool to create porcelain crowns in a single appointment: CEREC technology.

Your dentist will be able to assess your needs and decide which technique to use.

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Avantages de la technologie CEREC.

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